Anolon Garlic Crusher

Sometimes you stumble across a product that really impresses you. Just last week we purchased a new garlic crusher. Browsing around the store there were at least a dozen available – but one stood out from the rest – a garlic crusher from Anolon.

It’s basically like a nut cracker, but for garlic. The two arms are forged 18/10 stainless steel, combined with nice silicone grips. But what makes the product really nice is just how well it works in action. First off, when pressing garlic cloves – the result is impressive, what your left with is just the husk – which brings me to cleaning. Reverse the two arms and little knobs on the back of the crusher head knock out any husk and makes cleaning a simple case of husk removal followed by a quick rinse.

Taking into account the simplicity and integrity inherent in the product design, I’m confidently expecting this particular product will end up in daily use by my grandchildren.

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