Category: Food

Top level category for of of the different food categories (e.g. meat, fish, vegetables, …).

  • Lasagna

    Garfield once said (while paraphrasing Will Rogers) “I never met a Lasagna I didn’t like.” This particular Lasagna is easy to prepare and tastes great. It’s basically a combination of meat base (mince meat, chopped onions, and garlic) combined with a jar of tomato based spaghetti sauce, a little oregano, layered in with grated cheese…

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  • Linguine, Baked Tomatoes and Basil

    Tomatoes baked in balsamic vinegar and brown sugar, served over linguine, and garnished with fresh basil. The tomatoes are baked whole with the balsamic vinegar and brown sugar for about an hour or more until soft, then quartered and the combination of sweetened vinegar and tomatoes are poured over the linguine. The dish is finalized…

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  • Warm Meatball Pesto Salad

    This is one of those wonderful salads – fresh rocket, light and flavor filled meatballs, zucchini, squash, basil, parmesan cheese, dressed with a basil, parmesan and cashew dip.

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